Chapter 11: Public Relations in the Digital Age

7 10 2008

Important Points

  • The Digital Age has changed helped PR practitioners to communicate with a vast amount of publics in various locations.
  • Serious matters such as privacy issues, the protection of intellectual material, job security, and media convergence have been raised as a result of the Digital Age.
  • Although technology has changed our world drastically, when sending a message the content of the message and the medium chosen still depend on the audience, purpose, and values.
  • The most important job for PR in the future is to stay up-to-date with new and advancing technologies.


24 09 2008

This youtube video was shown in my organizational communication class and I thought it was very funny.  In Dr. V’s PR Principles class we have spent a great deal of time talking about the importance of social media and learning how to use new types of social media.  Our class has had pieces of advice from various guest speakers about how important the use of social media is and how it develops relationships with people in the world of PR. 

This video protrays a monk having trouble opening a book.  It made me laugh, because a book does not seem like a piece of technology in our very high-tech world today.  However, at one point in history a book was a piece of technology and a very important one at that.  It increased literacy, gave us a way to transmit history, and became one of the most essential forms of communication. 

In comparison to the monk, I hope I don’t seem as lost learning new forms of social media.  Our class has been told repeatedly, “Don’t be scared, just jump right in.” As a new blogger and twitter user, sometimes I find myself feeling a little lost like this monk.  I hope when you get frustrated about learning how to use social media and technology, this will give you a laugh.