Know your Audience!

14 09 2010

I would argue that the most important element of a strategic communication plan or any form of communication is the audience.  Audience research is imperative, especially in PR.  In order for your message to have an impact, it must be received by someone whom will resonate with the message.  According to the book I am reading for class, Strategic Communication for Nonprofits, brainstorming and grouping people into clusters is helpful when determining your target audience.

Next audience research is a necessary part in developing a strategic communication plan.  Public opinion polls can be very useful in determining the current sentiment people have about your organization.  Also, it is important to determine what is of value to your audience.  What do they care about? What will resonate with them? Where are they from? What age are they? What do they have in common?  These are all questions you should be able to answer about your target audience.

Only after determining you audience and thoroughly researching them can you begin to craft your strategic communication plan.