Vote Biscuit The Cat!

24 11 2008

This is a PR case study for the John Ancrum Society for the Prevention and Cruelty to Animals (JASPCA) in Charleston, SC.  This case study along with others is located at the Rawle Murdy website.  Rawle Murdy is a marketing communications firm in Charleston, SC.

The case study on the website shows the situation, insights, strategy and results, and then gives examples of print, OOH, Broadcast, and interactive examples of advertisements. 

Basically the situation is that many people in Charleston don’t know that JASPCA exists and if they do they think of it as a run down business.  After spending $11 million on a top of the line facility JASPCA asked Rawle Murdy to help them get people to come to the animal center.  I would say this campaign’s goals are awareness and action.  People need to be more aware that the facility exists and is working hard to save animals.  Also, JASPCA hope that this will motivate people to take action and actually come to their facility to adopt animals.

The first strategy was to give JASPCA a new name, the Charleston Animal Society, that not only reflects its mission, but is easier for the public to remember. 

The next strategy that Rawle Murdy enacted was a campaign to raise awareness about the Charleston Animal Society.  They created a campaign that mimicked the 2008 presidential elections.  The election was for the next president of the Charleston Animal Society.  The candidates are Biscuit the cat and Spike the dog.  Through this “pretend” election people became more aware of the society and what they do.  They also used the candidates to raise awareness about adoption, spading and neutering animals, and animal health.  I think this is very creative and it definitely got my attention.  There even was an article in Post and Courier about the winner of the presidential election, Spike wins presidency by a whisker.

This is an example of a pseudo event created for positive coverage and to raise awareness about the new Charleston Animal Society Facility.