Pimp your blog

11 11 2008

I started to browse through beingcheryl.com in between classes and realized that I had been reading her posts for over 30 minutes!  I did not even realize how fast the time went by.  I think that part of the reason was Cheryl’s unique writing style and also the design of the blog.  Her blog looks AMAZING!  Check it out.  She not only entertains you with her truthfulness, but offers pictures to also keep your attention. 

Of the blog posts I read, I highly recommend The BS Nature of Interviews and The first rule of Twitter.  I really liked these posts because they talked about topics that have been discussd in Dr. V’s PR class and in Clemson PRSSA member meetings.  The BS nature of Interviews really relates to what was said by guest speakers at the first Clemson PRSSA meeting (see live blog post for more info).  Some of the advice I was given was be yourself and show a positive attitude.  After all, you are not expected to know everything, but you are expected to be willing to learn.  I feel like if you market yourself as yourself and instead of a piece of paper, you will have a more lasting impression.  After all, connections and networking matters.  Do you want to be remembered as just another application for a job or a person who made connections with the interviewer? Honestly, the interviewer will remember you and not the piece of paper.

The point of this blog post is to tell you to be yourself.  Be yourself online, in real life, at interviews, at your future job, etc.  Cheryl mentioned that she has a hard time marketing herself in interviews, but really if she would be herself like she does on her blog, she wouldn’t have a problem.  Check out beingcheryl.com and you may want to consider to pimp your blog!