Comment on Social Media: Time-Wasted or Time- Saver

24 03 2009

One of my classmates, Brittany Beran, wrote a post that I found very interesting about social media saving or wasting time. After reflecting on my own social media experience, I came to the conclusion that social media is definitely not a waste of time. If used correctly social media is a way to build lasting relationships with people. Personally, I use social media as a learning tool. I use social media to build connections and relationships with PR students, professors and professionals.

I have learned a lot from social media and I believe that anything you can learn from is not a waste of time. However, I do think that social media can consume a lot of time. I have to be very conscious of the time I spend reading blogs and surfing various social media sites. Social media is just like any other relationship in this sense. Relationships take time to form and maintain.

There are many sites that can help you manage social media. I personally love Google Reader. Google Reader saves me a lot of time and effort. What are your favorite bookmarking or time-saving sites?