Gap experiences a backlash for its new logo

12 10 2010


Gap's new logo is on the right.


Gap changed its logo from the all capped white letters in a blue box that it has used for two decades to the logo presented on the right.  The president of Gap North America noted that Gap wanted something more contemporary and current while honoring their heritage.  What resulted was a logo pictured here.  Gap’s logo was not received well by its audience and it received quite a backlash.  People said that it looked like something their child could create on clip art or a horrible Powerpoint design. Some even went as far as to set up websites to bash Gap’s new look.  Gap responded to this by stating that they are taking suggestions and feedback.  This week they have ditched the new logo and have gone back to the old.

It seems to me that Gap did not do enough research before changing its brand.  Gap is viewed to many as a traditional “American store.”  Its brand is clean-cut, timeless and wholesome.  If Gap would have done some research before changing its brand, it would have realized how much people liked its old brand and how much its values radiated through it.

However, sometimes scenarios such as this can result in some good for a company or brand.  After all people are talking about Gap and major news sources such as NPR and the Huffington Post are publishing articles about Gap.  Is the worth the small amount of damage to their brand/reputation for the publicity? Is any publicity good publicity?  What do you think of Gap’s new logo?  Please leave your comments below.