Graduation Time

22 04 2009

graduation-capGraduation is in about 2 weeks for most college students. I cam across this post on the Creative Career titled: Graduation is approaching – Still looking for a job? I found this post very useful not only for graduates, but for all college students.

One thing that the post talks about is the power of networking. The post says to give the online job sites a rest and get to know real professionals. Get on twitter, comment on other blogs, go out to coffee, go to networking opportunities and set up informational interviews. This advice is useful for all students and is something that Clemson PRSSA and Dr. V have stressed here at Clemson University. Myles Golden, a career strategist, was a guest speaker in my negotiation class and he said that 85% of jobs are found through networking. This is so true. you need to be more than just a piece of paper. Meet professionals and give them a face to put with a name.

Another useful tip for all students, not just graduates is to pump up your digital knowledge. Many employees expect younger generations to know the latest technologies and want us to teach them. Sharpen your skills and familiarize yourself with a variety of online sites like blogs, microblogging sites, and other social media sites. Delve into it and teach yourself.

I definitely recommend this post to anyone wanting to know how to better market themselves in today’s job market.

Good luck to all the 2009 graduates!

Tips for Writing Good Blog Posts

23 02 2009

I came across this post by David Caolo about writing good blogs. His post contains 6 tips which are very helpful. My favorite tip was “be prepared.” Caolo mentions that great ideas can come to you at anytime and you have to be prepared to notice them and make a note of them. This is something that I really need to work on. I will think of something to write about and never write it down. When I go to actually sit down to write the post, my idea is lost in space. I really recommend reading this post. I found it very helpful. You can also see my comment on it.

Another Reason Why Blogging is a Must!

15 01 2009

I came across this post  on PR Week while reading my RSS feeds and I thought it would really put some fire under some people who are still sceptical about blogging and why it is important.  According to the article, more and more consumers are relying on blogs and on-line conversations to help them in making purchases.  The article goes on to say that PR professionals are having to adapt rapidly to this growing trend.  One VP at Ketchum said that: PR isn’t only about talking to editors anymore.  We need to get into this powerful and influential conversations.  Blogger relations could mean the success or failure of future companies.  Read the article for yourself, it is very interesting.


1 12 2008

I came across a very interesting post on blogging and what makes a good blog.  It is in interview format which makes it a very easy read and I found the advice useful.  The interviewee, Penelope Trunk, gives advice to new bloggers, what to write about, how to write and the importance of blog headlines.  Check out this interview I think that you will enjoy it too.

Comment on “what does blogging teach?”

16 11 2008

I posted a comment on the PRinciples post, “What does blogging teach?”