Comment about the USA Today Collegiate Readership Program

1 04 2009

I posted a comment on Lauren Gaulin’s post about the USA Today Readership Program on Clemson University’s campus.  This program provides The USA Today and NY Times free of charge to students Monday-Friday.  I think this program is a great idea!  Student government hopes that it will help to increase the number of informed citizens.  Also, it looks very good when someone visits campus to see that Clemson students read these 2 prestigious papers.  Comment on Lauren’s post and give her your thoughts.

Comment on How do you Explain PR?

1 04 2009

Fellow classmate Cara Mitchell wrote a very interesting post on explaining what PR is.  We have learned many definitions in our PR classes, but often these can cause confusion.  Check out the comments on the post and post your thoughts as well.

Comment on Social Media: Time-Wasted or Time- Saver

24 03 2009

One of my classmates, Brittany Beran, wrote a post that I found very interesting about social media saving or wasting time. After reflecting on my own social media experience, I came to the conclusion that social media is definitely not a waste of time. If used correctly social media is a way to build lasting relationships with people. Personally, I use social media as a learning tool. I use social media to build connections and relationships with PR students, professors and professionals.

I have learned a lot from social media and I believe that anything you can learn from is not a waste of time. However, I do think that social media can consume a lot of time. I have to be very conscious of the time I spend reading blogs and surfing various social media sites. Social media is just like any other relationship in this sense. Relationships take time to form and maintain.

There are many sites that can help you manage social media. I personally love Google Reader. Google Reader saves me a lot of time and effort. What are your favorite bookmarking or time-saving sites?

Comment on “Skittles…This is what I want you to do!”

10 03 2009

After talking in class about the skittles social media buzz, I cam across this blog post by Geno Church on the Brains on Fire blog.  Geno talks about the skittles stunt being an example of Buzz marketing.  However he poses the question, do buzz only tactics defeat the ability to build conversations that will create loyalty?  I think that people need more than buzz tactics to create loyalty and trust.  I encourage you to read this posts and the comments posted on it, including mine.

Tips for Writing Good Blog Posts

23 02 2009

I came across this post by David Caolo about writing good blogs. His post contains 6 tips which are very helpful. My favorite tip was “be prepared.” Caolo mentions that great ideas can come to you at anytime and you have to be prepared to notice them and make a note of them. This is something that I really need to work on. I will think of something to write about and never write it down. When I go to actually sit down to write the post, my idea is lost in space. I really recommend reading this post. I found it very helpful. You can also see my comment on it.

Comment on “A grim look at PR refuted”

23 02 2009

Fellow classmate, Erin Martin, came across a very interesting article published in USA Today.  You should definitely read her post as well as the article.  My favorite part of the whole article have to be the first few lines: “Sleazy. Disingenuous. Scumbags. These are all words used in U.K. newspaper coverage of the public relations industry.”  I think this pretty much sums up the rest of the article.

Comment on In Your Face

27 01 2009

Check out my comment on Erin Sander’s post about social media and the social responsibility that comes along with it.

Comment on I AM INTERN

21 01 2009

This blog was introduced to my by my professor, Dr. V, and I really have enjoyed reading.  See my comment on the post, Get Great Letters of Recommendation.  This post had a lot of useful information for students and you can see a question I posted here.

Comment on “A Love Song to Live On”

17 11 2008

I posted a comment on the blog Palmetto PR Divas.

Comment on “what does blogging teach?”

16 11 2008

I posted a comment on the PRinciples post, “What does blogging teach?”