Update on our Pepsi Refresh Project

22 11 2010

In an earlier post I mentioned the year-long social media campaign Pepsi has launched tiled the Pepsi Refresh Project which will donate more than $20 million to charity projects.  My PR class has applied to win a $25K grant for our class client Safe Harbor.  Safe Harbor is a domestic violence shelter in upstate SC that provides shelter, counseling and other services to abused women and children.  The 2 Safe Harbor shelters are in desperate need of revitalization as more than 500 women and children sleep and stay in their 2 shelters a year.  If Safe Harbor wins the grant they will use the money to purchase new mattresses, playground equipment and carpet for their 2 shelters.

To help Safe Harbor win this competition my PR class is leveraging all of our individual social networks as well as Safe Habor’s social networks.  We set up a plan to strategically post on Safe Harbor’s Facebook and Twitter 3 times a week.  We have also asked Safe Harbor to post on their blog about the project and tell others through their email networks.  Individually we have sent emails to our networks, posted on our Facebooks, Twitters and blogs.  We have also tapped into to Clemson University’s networks by emailing departments, campus organizations and even the president to ask them to support our effort and vote daily.  In addition, we sent press releases to local media.  Our press release was published in The Tiger, Clemson University’s newspaper.

So far our efforts have been successful.  We have moved from number 207 to number 85 and continue to climb.  We have to be in the top 10 by November 30th to win the grant.  Please visit our page on the Pepsi Refresh site to vote!  We need your help!



2 responses

15 01 2011
deborah hollie

i am a survivor of CDV and CU students interviewed me @ safe harbor adim. it is remarkable that you are interested and so focused. i consider it an honor to have been able to participate in the video project. we cannot hide it or sweep it under the carpets anymore. to be able to speak and share openly AND… be filmed without shadowing or voice overs, just to be me and put a face i pray to help gain trust and see that ‘all is not lost” to give encouragement and respect is my goal. thank you all again. deborah hollie

15 01 2011

The movie group showed our class the movie and it was incredible. You’re story and courage to tell it was inspiring. I totally agree that this problem needs a face and with this movie you have started that trend. I know everyone who hears you’re story will be inspired and it may help others to leave violent situations. Thanks for reading my blog and thank you for your courage to tell the world your story.

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