PR for Social Change – “Rage Against the Haze”

30 08 2010

Rage Against the Haze is a movement initiated by Brains on Fire, an identity company out of Greenville, SC.  Brains on Fire helps organizations build movements.  They use a fusion of word of mouth marketing and identity development to initiate marketing efforts that take on a life of their own.

Rage Against the Haze is one example that has seen great success in the South Carolina.  This is not only a PR effort, but has become a movement for social change in SC.

Brains on Fire wanted to create something powerful that would survive for many years after the money was gone, decrease teen smoking by 5% and create awareness about the dangers of using tobacco.

This effort blossomed into a youth-led movement, where 92 local teens were given the responsibility of continuing this PR/Marketing effort.  They helped to plan and sustain the effort.  Youtube videos, swag, an interactive website and retreats were used to help train the students and spread the word.

The Youtube video above is one example of how the teens worked with Brains on Fire to create communication that would initiate social change in SC and help to decrease teen smoking.

As a result of this anti-tobbacco movement, youth tobacco use rates dropped 16.9% and the movement has grown to include 6,000 active teens who are “raging against the haze.”

This movement shows what communication and public relations can do for society.



One response

26 02 2011

I really think the word of mouth marketing tool is the most effective there is. That’s incredible that teens are now in charge of spreading awareness of the harmful effects of smoking. Obviously it has paid off due to the 16.9% decrease in underage smoking. This is exactly the kind of stuff that gives pride to the marketers of the “Rage Against the Haze”.

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