Comment on In Your Face

27 01 2009

Check out my comment on Erin Sander’s post about social media and the social responsibility that comes along with it.

Comment on I AM INTERN

21 01 2009

This blog was introduced to my by my professor, Dr. V, and I really have enjoyed reading.  See my comment on the post, Get Great Letters of Recommendation.  This post had a lot of useful information for students and you can see a question I posted here.

Another Reason Why Blogging is a Must!

15 01 2009

I came across this post  on PR Week while reading my RSS feeds and I thought it would really put some fire under some people who are still sceptical about blogging and why it is important.  According to the article, more and more consumers are relying on blogs and on-line conversations to help them in making purchases.  The article goes on to say that PR professionals are having to adapt rapidly to this growing trend.  One VP at Ketchum said that: PR isn’t only about talking to editors anymore.  We need to get into this powerful and influential conversations.  Blogger relations could mean the success or failure of future companies.  Read the article for yourself, it is very interesting.

PR is Negotiation

15 01 2009

This semester I am enrolled in a negotion class at Clemson University with Dr. Wiesman.  The first day in class we were making a list of characteristics of negotiation.  This is what we came up with:

  • It involves at least two parties.
  • Negotiation is a give and take.
  • It is a win-win situation, in which both parties find a mutually acceptable solution to a complex situation.
  • We have a high concern for ourselves as well as a high concern for others.
  • It is a transformational process.
  • We create value and at the end of the negotiation, we claim that value.
  • We negotiate by choice.
  • It involves interdependence: both parties need each other; a relationship between the parties is necessary.
  • It involves mutual adjustment: both parties have to change their initial wants.

If you read this list of characteristics and did not know I was talking about negotiation, you may think that I am talking about public relations.  When writing down all these characteristics negotiation and PR seemed to mesh together more and more.  After all isn’t PR a mutually beneficial relationship in which both parties need each other.  PR is a give and take process.  Good PR involves two-way communication.  The organization and its publics need to be open to give something as well as take.  Also, good PR is transformational and involves mutual adjustment.  Sometimes the organization or the public or sometimes both need to give up their initial wants and listen to each other.  Only then can they come up with that 3rd alternative that is beneficial to both parties. 

From now on I am going to think of PR and a PR effort like a negotiation.  Both the organization and the publics need to gain something.