Social media gives the little dog a big bark

9 10 2008

After speaking with Laura Fitton, better known as @pistachio (twitter) I started to think about social media in a more in depth manner. 

Social media is revolutionizing the power structures around the world and changing the way that we receive news.  Social media gives power to the people.  No longer does one have to be in a high organizational position to be heard and make a difference. As Dr. V said “the golden wall is coming down.” That is the thing that seperates us (the public) from the elite. This drastic change is turning PR upside down.  The role of boundary spanner is changing.  A PR practitioner is not the only direct voice between an organization and the publics important to its success.  PR practitioners must listen to the public and learn from them.  According to Laura Fitton, the most important lesson to learn from social media is to learn how to listen.  Listen to your publics and be genuine.  Social media is not merely a way to push product or services, it is a means to form relationships with others.  It is through these relationships that conversations arise and then the work of the PR practitioner has truly started.  Offer your publics information that will benefit them, not only the organization you represent.  After good PR is two way symmetrical, meaning that the organization and the publics are open to change. 

This dynamic change in power scares the once powerful decision makers of organizations.  One voice can not harm a large company, but masses of voices can.  Social media gives the little dog a big bark.  My voice matters and it can be heard. 

 Another change due to social media is the way that news is received.  The news industry is the only media required by democracy.  It was established to be a forum for discussion.  The notion of news as a media conglomerate challenges this notion of a place for the people to discuss their thoughts and opinions.  News has become a business, and because of this the people have found ways to discuss topics through other means, now known as blogging.  This just goes to show that discussion and conversations are necessities in society and if the news doesnt provide a forum for discussion, people will find other means.

Over all, social media is revolutionizing PR, news, and even communication as we know it.  The most important task is to stay up-to-date with the current media trends and us them in a genuine manner.




5 responses

9 10 2008
Laura "Pistachio" Fitton

Hey thanks. This is really well written, Alyssa. I hope my friends at PR firms keep an eye out for you when you graduate. 🙂 Please keep in touch.

11 10 2008

Excellent post, Alyssa! And, you’re getting comments from the “real” world. Congratulations!

14 10 2008
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18 10 2008
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18 10 2008
Students live twitter class « PRinciples

[…] to give students time to reflect on what they learned. Here are some of their reflections: Alyssa, Cara, Michael, […]

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