Important Skills for PR Practitioners

4 09 2008

After reading the book, John Bell’s blog posts about 13 Skills of the PR Pro of the Future, talking with Kevin Dugan in class and some outside research I have complied the following list of important skills for future PR practitioners:

  • Always be aware of your publics.
  • Be technologically savvy; know how to use current media such as: blogs, messgae boards, wikis, directories, multi-media, and social networks.
  • On-line tools are the first responders; know how to effectively communicate with your publics through these media.
  • Be prepared for change and be able to handle it effectively.  Time management and stress management is a must when you are a PR practitioner.
  • Professionalism is a must!  This is expressed in the way you dress, speak, write emails, and also your overall disposition.
  • Excellent writing skills are also a requirement. PR practitioners need to be able to write clearly and efficiently.
  • A PR practitioner also needs to exhibit that he/she can think critically and bring a fresh perspective to an organization or company.
  • According to Kevin Dugan, passion is also a must.  You need to love what you do and show others that you are willing to put in the extra work to go the extra mile.

A few of these skills that I feel I still need to develop is my knowledge of on-line media and tools.  I just recently learned to blog, thanks to Dr. V, but I still have so much to learn about the online tools of a PR practitioner.  Although I feel I am a good writer, that is an area which can always be improved.  The more experience I have with writing the better I will become.  I also feel that I have the drive and passion for this field.  I have enjoyed the internship experiences I have had with PR and also this class.  I feel like this sets me apart from other young students and potential internships.

I feel like the best way to develop these skills is through practice and experience.  I plan on doing a few more internships before I graduate.  Also, this class and PR classes in the future will help me to develop these skills.  I really enjoy writing, so I plan to further this ability by writing on blogs and possibly for The Tiger, our university newspaper.  I am a very determined young woman and have big dreams for my future.




3 responses

8 12 2010

Those are some good tips that I can work on for trying to get into the PR field. I started to blog this year and I’m still trying to get into the Twitter world. Gaining experience is the best way to learn. I know this post is old but I hope you have done well on your journey into the PR field.

8 12 2010

Thank you for the compliment. I hope you continuing reading for other tips on blogging and Twitter. I would recommend looking at these two blogs too. They are written by a PR professor I had. She is amazing. and

8 12 2010

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