Chapter 1: What is Public Relations?

28 08 2008

Major points in Chapter 1:

  • Many people have no clue what public relations really is and use it to describe things that it is not.
  • This confusion gains help from the media.
  • It is hard to pinpoint one definition for public relations.
  • All definitions seem to agree that public relations involves  two way communication, that it is a planned activity, that it is based on research, and that it has a social responsibility.
  • Also, it is agreed upon that public relations is performed in a 4 step process: research, planning, communication and evaluation. 
  • However, public relations occurs in a dynamic setting, meaning that these processes do not occur in a linear fashion.
  • Also, when public relations takes into account the values of the society and the organization it is called the values-driven approach to public relations.
  • Public relations is a very important job, and often the work of public relations practitioners is not accredited to them by the public.



4 responses

28 08 2008
Mihaela V

good work, Alyssa. I assume it was your choice to note more than 2-5 MOST important ideas

2 09 2008
How to document a comment YOU wrote on OTHER blogs « PRinciples

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29 10 2010
Leah D. Gordon

I like working in the background… yes, PR is at times thankless, but has huge returns. My favorite aspect is building relationships and meeting new people cross industry.

26 11 2010

Hello! I am actually taking a Public Relations Research class as well as a Public Relations Writing class and we have to do a similar thing for our blogs! I took an Intro to Public Relations course as well and we did posts on our reading notes. For the PR Writing class I’m in right now we do the posts on readings from our book Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques (6th Edition). What book is the chapter this post is on from? What course are you or were you enrolled in? It would be funny if you were in my class! If you want to look at my posts and see how similar they are to yours, check out my blog! =o]

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