Chapter 1: What is Public Relations?

28 08 2008

Major points in Chapter 1:

  • Many people have no clue what public relations really is and use it to describe things that it is not.
  • This confusion gains help from the media.
  • It is hard to pinpoint one definition for public relations.
  • All definitions seem to agree that public relations involves  two way communication, that it is a planned activity, that it is based on research, and that it has a social responsibility.
  • Also, it is agreed upon that public relations is performed in a 4 step process: research, planning, communication and evaluation. 
  • However, public relations occurs in a dynamic setting, meaning that these processes do not occur in a linear fashion.
  • Also, when public relations takes into account the values of the society and the organization it is called the values-driven approach to public relations.
  • Public relations is a very important job, and often the work of public relations practitioners is not accredited to them by the public.

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21 08 2008

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